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We began to work with Ronit Lapid, the principle in Designer Touch Interiors, approximately 16 years ago. Ronit is extremely pleasant and low key. She has the ability to perceive what her clients tastes are and gently guide accordingly. Ronit has a wonderful sense of color and brings everything together. We have received many compliments on our home decor, not only the furnishing but the warmth and comfort it exudes. We could not have obtained this without Ronit. Fast forward to the present. We are currently in the process of using Ronit's services for our new vacation home after which she will help us to refresh our primary home. Ronit has elicited so many raves and comments from so many visiting our home that both my sister and sister-in-law have had Ronit help them decorate their homes. My daughter will also be using Ronit to replace college furniture. Again, during these past sixteen years many of our friends and family have thanked us for recommending her. We cannot recommend her highly enough Ann & Terry WallinRead More

Ronit completely transformed my office from an 80's cubicle style to an all-new modern workplace. She built a bright and cheery collaborative space. Cant say enough good things about her!Read More

When I decided that I was ready to furnish/decorate/design my living room/ dining room & den, I didn't know where to begin. I decided that I needed a professional, with years of experience & talent. I reached out to many influential members of our community, & the name that kept coming up was Ronit Lapid of Designer Touch Interiors. I then reached out to Ronit Lapid to set up a consultation. Once meeting Ms. Lapid, she, at once, made me feel comfortable & encouraging that my modest home can be made into a place of luxury & comfort. She asked me what I wanted, liked, desired & invisioned, making me feel part of the process. She then took my wishes, etc & was able to produce designs that I would have never thought of. She transformed my home into everything I could imagine & beyond. Once the project was complete, I broke down in tears at how beautiful my home became. Because of Ronit Lapid, I love entertaining & am proud to have guests visit & stay at my home. Ronit Lapid does not need to design large homes into beauty. She has an amazing talent to see beauty & design even in the more modest size homes &/or apartments.Read More

Ronit transformed my house to a beautiful home. Excellent colors blended perfectly together made my home pop. Would definitely recommend her to anyone looking to create the perfect space(s)…She was very easy and flexible to work with. A perfect professional.Read More

Excellent to work with. Ronit Lapid was so easy to discuss the project with, and she gave us great ideas and guidance. She also listened to us and helped us redesign our first floor to be "us." She made us feel so at ease that it became a true collaboration, and the whole process was fun! Never having used a designer before, I was a little nervous, but within 2 minutes of meeting her I knew she was perfect to help us out. I could not be happier with how house turned out. I highly recommend Designer Touch InteriorsRead More


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